Our Objective

Provide social, economic and education opportunities at home to halt migration and improve living standard of migrant communities abroad

Key Pillars

Key Projects

Fuerza Migrante

Bi-national education

  • Civic
  • Social
  • Academic
  • Technical

(Mis Raíces Mexicanas)

Commercial social project

Social economy projects to increase
productivity and assure social impact


Development to
increase financial
leverage and independence


Voter registration to
increase representation

parallax background

Mexicans remain the largest group of immigrants in the United States

Our Blog

7 de June de 2023

North America Growth 2

ogram was simple and sound: there was a need for workers on one side of the border to tend to the fields and crops and the construction of the railroad, and a surplus and eager population to work on the other side of it. Economics did its job.
5 de June de 2023

North America Growth Opportunity

5 de June de 2023

Unleashing Power through Education