Who is Fuerza Migrante Foundation?

Fuerza Migrante Foundation is a 501(c) 3 bi-national civic organization that promotes education and deploys social and economic impact programs to advance and empower migrants’ lives with the support from organizations, community leadership, entrepreneurs and other institutions interested in helping these communities

Our mission

Advance and empower migrants’ lives and their communities through education, and implementation of social and economic projects

Our vision

Economic and social equality for migrant communities

Time line

  • Fuerza Migrante Foundation was established in 2021 by Don Jaime Lucero as the Foundation arm of Fuerza Migrante

  • Jaime Lucero was born in one of the poorest areas of Mexico. At 18, he made the tough decision to migrate to the USA to find better opportunities, with no money, no documents but with a will to succeed

  • Today Don Jaime Lucero is a a successful Mexican-born entrepreneur who leads one of the most important women’s clothing companies

  • He noticed, few years after his arrival to the US, the need to provide support to other migrants like himself, and founds Casa Puebla in NYC in 1970’s, the first of his volunteer-based, not-for-profit ventures

  • In the early 2000s, Don Jaime starts to see that there were many local Mexican-American organizations in different cities across the country catering to migrants’ needs, but the Mexican diaspora lacked political representation and economic influence both in the USA and Mexico

  • It is with this thought that Don Jaime founds Fuerza Migrante in 2017, a movement to promote cooperation and support among multiple institutions interested in the social and economic empowerment of migrant communities through education

  • Today, Fuerza Migrante counts with more than 230 organizations across the US and Mexico impacting more than 2.2 milllion lives

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Mexicans remain the largest group of immigrants in the United States